Photocell Door Systems

Photocell Doors are Systems with Radar or Sensor that move the wings with the Electronic Card, Motor, Belt and Wheel on the Aluminum Chassis..

It is the process of running the doors with the help of belt wheels and bearings by moving the electronic card to the motor on an aluminum and chassis. As stated in the photocell door description, it is a combined system.

Ergonamic Design for Architectural Solutions
Transparent, colored, reflective, solar or combined laminated tempered or laminated + tempered glasses and aluminum profile systems that provide air insulation with special brush, bag structure, electrostatic powder paint (RAL standards) or anodized coloring techniques meet all kinds of needs and tastes. Your automatic sliding doors are produced by making them suitable. Glass profile colors can be painted in ral colors in order to comply with the architectural and institutional structure. Door glasses are applied with 4+4 mm lamination or 10 mm tempered magnet system.

Automatic Door Systems

We do not need a physical force to open the photocell doors. As soon as the door enters the transition area, it detects you and opens by itself. Photocell Door has the feature of being applicable to glass doors as well. In addition, it is generally applied to doors made of aluminum profile. Photocell System is a system consisting of light sensitive resistors. The control system is the result of motion detection of motion sensitive sensors (Radar, Hand proximity sensor, etc. activators). can activate the door.

Ürün Seçenekleri

Photocell doors
are a combined system.

We can explain photocell doors in four main groups as follows:

Two Fixed Two Opening Photocell Doors

It is used in places where the wing is required to be opened.

One Fixed One Openable photocell door

One Fixed One Openable photocell door of one wing fixed to the other wing It is used in places where it is desired to be opened.

Double Wings

Double-wing photocell doors are applied in suitable areas on both sides. The available space on both sides should be at least half of the doorway.

One Wing

Single wing photocell door is used when one side is closed or if the dimensions are small.

Technicial Specifications

More than photocell door

We offer solutions and options that suit your needs.
  • Opening Indoor and Outdoor Radar
  • Indoor and Outdoor Radar Shutdown
  • Completely Turning Off the Radar
  • Pharmacy Location
  • Winter Location

For Our Doors

Standard Accessories

The door you have purchased comes with one of the following standard accessories.

Password Panel

Hand Sensor


İlave Opsiyonlar
İlave olarak satın alabileceğiniz standart kapı aksesuarları

Electronic Lock

Unlimited Color Options


Card reader

Controller and Receiver



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Photocell Door

We produce automatic sliding door systems that are extremely comfortable and long-lasting thanks to the electronic engineering experience as well as the perfect mechanics of our products, which are manufactured with meticulousness.