Antipanic Emergency Exit Doors (Breakout Door)

Panic Open Photocell Door Systems

Gize Door In Cases of Fire and Similar Panic, As Fast as Possible and
They are Anti Panic Breakout Doors that Provide Safe Evacuation.

Panik Açılır Fotoselli Kapı Sistemleri

Product Description
Evacuation of people as quickly and safely as possible in cases of fire and similar panic. It is the antipanic doors that enable them to By applying pressure on the exit direction 90 degrees outward opening of the wings or another method called redundant. evacuation is achieved. Rapid evacuation of people in various dangers, especially fire. panic escape doors that provide can be provided with doors. Demanding panic opening feature on doors with normal use If an automatic sliding door with photocell will be used in case of emergency exit, If the blades are pushed in the direction of escape for the purpose of disabling the automation and It is equipped with a special mechanical equipment that allows it to open 90 degrees from the situation. wings are used. In normal conditions, aesthetically, no difference from standard applications non-panic escape automatic sliding door leaves are all you need can be used in the environment • Panic Opening Feature on Sliding Wings As a result of panic opening of the movable sliding wing or wings The net passage width formed is sufficient or fixed. the feature of opening 90 degrees in panic if it is not available Applies only on movable blades • Panic Opening Feature With Fixed Sliding Wings The clear passage width opened in panic does not reach sufficient distance only with moving wings. in situations or in non-panic situations, for example, in a car showroom. In special situations requiring fixed blades, 90 degrees free movement with movable blades All wings can be driven to the edges by providing an opening.