Gize Door

Automatic Door Systems

Gize Door as Automatic Door Systems, Primarily Photocell and Hermetic Doors
Telescopic, Glass-Glass, Antipanic and Revolving Door Manufacturer.

Easy Setup

The product comes disassembled and is installed by our Authorized Service.

High performance

Our products have successfully passed many tests, including 1,000,000 tests.

Quiet Operation

Our doors work more silently with the raw material of the products we use and the material that will reduce the vibration between the rail and the chassis.


Uzun Süren Ar-Ge Çalışmalarımız Sonucu Ürettiğimiz Özel Devre Kartımız İle Ürünlerimiz Boşta Kaldığı Zamanlarda Enerjiyi Keserek Tasarruf Sağlar.

Upgradeable Software

We are always developing and updating our 100% Own Circuit Control Card and Special Software.

Our Trademarks

Our brands belonging to our doors, which we have produced as automatic door systems for

;br> We are divided into "Gize - Photocell Door Systems" and "RGPro - Operating Room Door Systems".